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Friday, June 7, 2013

Ricin Family Portrait... they should've KNOWN.

C'mon. Is EVERYBODY in the great state of Texas greatly oblivious to something plainly obvious to a common dust mite?  The only thing I doctored on the photog is (obviously) the text.

But this IS an actual "family portrait"of the Richardsons, better known to you and I as the Ricin Family -- the lovely tribe who enjoy bit acting, killing varmints, and sending ricin letters to Obama and Bloomberg.

So... what's with the Hippie?????

He can't be a son. He's too advanced in age, and the parent, too young.

My money is on "baked brother". He resembles the husband a bit, and considering he's the only male in the pic owning the belief that delightful hair product shouldn't be reserved solely for females and doucebags.  I'll add "en route to Woodstock and took a left in Des Moines, instead of a right... and still thinks it's 1969.... and reeks of Mother Earth".

Of course, this IS "New Boston, Texas", a contradiction in terms if I've ever heard one. Of course, New Boston is only 100 miles or so Southwest on the I 30 from Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

Wow! Arkansas and Philadelphia. Blends as smoothly and as seamlessly as... well, Texas and Boston! Is this like the redneck version of Sharktopus.

Also, what's the tyke on the left pulling out of his shoe.  Is it a shoe bomb? Is it a packet of ricin?

Is it the fake Academy Awards Best Actress envelope his psycho mom forces him to orate nightly to her as she accepts a curiously formed fire log for her work in Madea's Big Happy Family?

Not 100% sure what's crazier: The Ricinlopes, or actually believing ANY Tyler Perry film has a shot at being nominated for ANYTHING.

I should email her at (I swear, the address is on her resume), and ask.

Oh, wait.... she's in JAIL. Almost forgot.