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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Did Trump Just DO What I THINK He Did??? Holy %$#@&!!!!

I'm not cracking any more jokes about one Donald J. trump. In one amazing Sunday, he basically told ABC News that Putin will NOT go in to Ukraine, even though he already DID -- in 2014. When pressed, he blamed Obama's connections with NATO. WHAT THE FUCK kind of answer is THAT???

Then, he complains (on the same day) about two of the Presidential debates coinciding with nationally televised NFL games (home games for the Falcons and the Packers). He said he got a letter from the NFL stating the NFL thinks this is "ridiculous". The debate schedule came out LAST YEAR, and the NFL schedule came out EARLIER THIS YEAR. Nonetheless, he blamed the Clinton campaign with tampering. The NFL states they never sent a letter, and everyone on planet Earth who gives a damn about football or politics have KNOWN about both schedules for some time.

So, let's recap. Donald trump had NO IDEA the world event known as the Russian invasion of the Crimean Peninsula ever occurred, even though it dominated world media for over a month, and he didn't know both the debates and a major sports league schedule their event WAAAAYYYY in advance.

I don't care if you're a Republican. Just eat it for four years, rebuild, and come out of the gates swinging in 2020. trump is NOT a Republican. He's an arrogant piece of unholy shit who's had his way his entire life, never worked hard to get what he wants (according to Mark Cuban, btw), and now thinks he can glide in to the office of the most powerful person on Earth BECAUSE he's Donald J. trump.

Seriously. This is no longer about Democrat vs. Republican. It's not about Clinton vs. trump, either. This is about the stupidity of American running rampant, with it's crap music and even crappier reality TV. These are the American Idiots who've placed the Kardashians on a pedestal, who watch "Real Housewives of…" and actually THINK it's real!!!! These are the "people" who want "their America back", deaf to the reality of why America exists in the first place. These are the "stupid" of our country, and they've been running it in to the ground long enough.

In fact, Donald J. trump might be a blessing in disguise (of a moldy, three week old orange?). This November can become a mandate against the American Idiots. If trump is absolutely blown out of existence in the General Election -- I mean, an historic drubbing -- by the "smart" of this nation (both red and blue… political affiliation is no longer important), then it will be some time before the stupidity of this nation can once again rise in power and voice. Smarts should ALWAYS beat stupidity! One should never allow a stupid person to beat them in any way, under any circumstances…. NEVER.

This election is about the intelligents opening a can of whupass on the idiots, and putting them in their place. Yes, it IS time to take back America… and show the idiotic underbelly of this country where they belong.