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Monday, March 30, 2015

Completely Mixified (aka, the Mixify Campaign is stupid)

So, let's be crystal clear for a moment.

What we've got here are companies who have, for over a century, generated a massive percentage of their wealth pushing liquified sugar to the masses, and the ABA, the main lobbying association for all things sugary and liquidy.... playing missionaries for a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.

And soda is the key ingredient?

Hey. At least they're, if nothing else, frighteningly consistent...

And the American public is buying this load of steaming mon(k)ey crap????

It's not even "sugar and water" anymore -- at the very LEAST both are natural ingredients your body can process. What it IS, is "carbonated water and liquid corn syrup"... check that... "carbonated water and high fructose corn syrup".  Well, it 'is" corn, right?  And corn is a vegetable. The "high fructose" must mean it's of premium grade. And water is good for you. So, perhaps I'm steaming over for nothing. 

SODA IS HEALTHY. The beverage conglomerates have got it right.

No, they do not.

Not even close.

I'm really shocked my friend Brenda Rex has yet to go Chernobyl on this ad campaign. There is nothing healthy in soda. Even the water, carbonated, is degenerative to your system. The corn syrup is not recognized as "sugar" inside your body, and processed differently. As a consequence, it is more readily absorbed into your bloodstream and may lead to obesity and liver disease... waitaminute....

Soda and alcohol do the same thing to your body? 


So, while daddy pounds the booze and kills his liver, son can down his Pepsi and ALSO kill his liver.

I love family togetherness.

I'm assuming the ultimate end game of this campaign is for a healthier youth, an image the corn industry and the ABA can point to with a judgmental finger and proclaim "See??? THEY drink soda, and they're FINE!!! Soda... is... healthy!"

As for me? I'll resist the temptation to believe the greed, and stick to my filtered water and occasional Anejo tequila.,,, which, by the way, is HEALTHIER than soda.

What will they think of next.